Diogo (see :point_up:) is a Software Engineer @ LOST.

He has helped improving communications on public transport, worked on (BAFTA award winning) Little Big Planet PSP, Killzone Mercenary and tried to dominate the world twice. He is currently working on the next generation of Music applications.

Diogo spends much of his free time with wife and daughter in happy Cambridge (Mostly talking about themselves in the third person, which is impressive with a newborn daughter!), reading and learning more about Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.


  • (currently) Developing the next gen of Music applications @ LOST

  • Fitting bits in small places @ Icomera
  • Developing Games, Concepts and Tools @ Guerrilla Cambridge (ex Sony Cambridge)
  • Developing Facebook applications @ Wildbunny (Founder)
  • Smashing bits, developing more games and general crazy person @ Vortix Games Studios (Founder)
  • Researching Motion Capture data formats for artistic body motion @ INESC-ID


My Current Stack

  • Atom, PyCharm, Android Studio, Vim (my config), Git
  • Python 2.7 (Yes, I want to upgrade…)
  • Java (on Android)
  • Books, Udacity, EdX, Coursera
  • Other stuff not worth mentioning here

Contact me

diogo.neves@gmail.com or find me at some local meetup