Diogo (see :point_up:) is a Software Engineer @ LOST.

He is at his best when learning new subjects and has worked on varied applications. From improving communications on public transport to the BAFTA award-winning Little Big Planet PSP and later Killzone Mercenary.

Diogo spends much of his free time with his lovely family, enjoying life.

Excited about

:point_right: AI, VR, AR, Life Experience Design
:point_right: Online (and other informal types of) Education
:point_right: Helping people live better and achieve more, with the aid of technology


  • (currently) Developing a new way to Discover Music @ LOST
  • Fitting bits in small places @ Icomera
  • Developing Games, Experimental Concepts and Technology @ Guerrilla Cambridge (ex Sony Cambridge)
  • Developing Facebook applications @ Wildbunny (Founder)
  • Smashing bits, developing more games and general crazy person @ Vortix Games Studios (Founder)
  • Researching VR, AR and Motion Capture applications for artistic body motion @ INESC-ID


My Current Stack

  • Atom, PyCharm, Git
  • At work: Python 2.7/Flask, Google App Engine
  • Getting started: Elixir/Phoenix, JavaScript es2015
  • Books, Udacity, EdX, Coursera
  • and more…

Contact me

diogo.neves@gmail.com or find me at some local meetup